name it! | a chance to purchase

*This is not a giveaway.  This is a contest to purchase & the winner will be invoiced for the purchase price.  Purchase price includes shipping & insurance.

~Name This Bliss!~

A stunning one-of-a-kind fitted diaper for the Bliss Collection

Lovingly handcrafted with particular attention to detail, this is a diaper like no other & no other like it will ever be created!   Here’s your chance to add this beauty to your stash!

Purchase price:  $65 to the US |  $68 to Canada |  $72 to other international

**Please note, this is NOT A GIVEAWAY.  This is your chance to purchase.

Purchase price:  $65 to the US |  $68 to Canada |  $72 to other international

To enter:  Name this Bliss!

  • Leave a comment here with your name suggestion
  • Or comment on the Facebook or Instagram post about this Bliss with your name suggestion
  • Or email me your name suggestion:  jennifer at orangediaperco dot com.

Come up with as many names as you can, there’s no limit to the number of times you enter!  I’ll pick the winning name on Friday, October 10th at about 9pm eastern time.   Good luck!

laser tag




Every once in a while I get an idea knocking about in my brain that I just can’t get rid of.  This was one of them.  I wasn’t sure the real thing would look the same as the idea in my head, but it does!  I had originally intended this diaper to be for a Bliss stocking, but it was a bit more work than expected so it’s a one of a kind.

This diaper will be lotto’ed for purchase on our buy/sell/trade page today: $65 postage paid to the US, $70 to Canada, $72 to other international addresses.

Diaper Specifics:

  • Neon Thread Quilted Outer – Organic Bamboo Fleece
  • Hidden Core – Organic Bamboo Fleece
  • Inner – Organic Bamboo Velour
  • Snaps – Neon Yellow, Neon Orange, Neon Green, & Neon Pink

A few more pictures can be seen on my Flickr.


sun drenched loops




one-size vs newborn loops


New Sun Drenched Loops open for pre-orders tonight at 9pm eastern time!   Bright, gorgeous colors set off spectacularly by the creamy softness of organic double sided bamboo terry.  This months colors…

  • Sun Spark – Golden yellow main & accent thread w/ neon orange snaps
  • Isla – Turquoise main & lime accent thread, lime snaps
  • Hibiscus – Orange main & hot pink accent thread, hot pink snaps

All colors will be available in one-size & newborn, snapped & snapless.  Oh so soft, stretchy to fit for a long time, and with a high resale value it’s easy to see why Newborn Loops are quickly becoming a newborn cloth diapering stash staple!

Bamboo Terry Squares in singles & rainbow bundles will also open for pre-ordering with a ship date of May 10th.  They’ll be rolling out of here in time to arrive in your mailbox for the Flats & Handwashing Challenge!  If for no other reason, you need some terry squares for nights!

Wipes & Sweet-Sleep In Doublers are also opening for pre-0rdering.

Everything opens at 9pm eastern time tonight & will be closing on April 30th, or when sold out.  Loops & all accessories will begin shipping on May 15th, Terry Squares on May 10th.

Oh, and we have two amazing giveaways going on!  Go, right now, & enter!

Sugar High Giveaway

Dirty Diaper Laundry Giveaway

i’m still here!


It’s been crickets around here, I’m sorry!  I’m busy as a bee…or a chick who needs to sew 100+ diapers by Tuesday!   I promise to do some updating soon.

In the meantime, here’s what’s coming round the bend on the ODC page:

2/19 – Loops & Terry Squares open for pre-order

2/21 – St Patrick’s Day pre-orders?  Maybe!

2/26 – Kicking Back Pants are scheduled to open for pre-orders, but this may get pushed into early March.  Time will tell.  It does look like I’ll have some in-stock newborns ready to go that day though.


I was introduced to the concept of smallering by my friend, Lori Taylor of Firefly Diapers & Fuzbaby.  It wasn’t the business concept I had in mind at the time, which was to grow it as big as it could grow.  That’s okay, Lori continued to tell me to take care of myself & my children, every so often gently reminding me that these years with my littles go by so fast & there’s no re-do.  

After nearly 5 years in the diaper-making business, with the last 2 going at it really hard & just about non-stop, I’ve made the decision to “smaller” our family business.  There have been too many missed soccer games, field trips, and bedtime snuggles and I really miss my family.

So, at some point in February, we’ll close up our out-of-home studio & re-locate back to our in-home studio.  We haven’t ironed out any of the details yet, except that we’ll definitely be going smaller.  

For now, we do know that we’ll continue to stock something weekly.  Some weeks it’ll be fitteds, other weeks it’ll be fleece.  (Oh wait, you didn’t hear?  Yep, we have this amazing fleece longies thing going on & we’ll debut them in January!  Be sure to join our Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade/Chat page for access to sales, giveaways, & other insider info)  There will likely be a few price changes, but some prices will stay the same.  Our best selling Squish line, for example, will not change.  We’ll also have to say good-bye, at least for now, to the sized Loops line.  We will continue to stock the one-size & newborn Loops, they’re just too popular to shelve.  

In the coming months you’ll see a renewed focus on beauty, design, & detail.  In growing the business, it’s become too much of a numbers game…we need to sell X number of diapers this week, this month, this quarter, etc.  It’s mind-numbing & tends to kill inspired sewing.   I’m tired of pumping out as many diapers as possible.  I want to create.  I want to get back to what I started: hand-making unique, often one-of-a-kind, diapers with unparalleled detail & an always amazing customer experience.

I hope you’ll stick around to see what comes next.

Weekly Stocking Preview

Here it is, your round up of this week’s prints & stocking times!

(I probably should’ve switched these fabric stacks, because they seem backwards.  Sorry ’bout that.)

Stocking Tuesday — shown on the right, from top to bottom:
11am – Enchanted – A sweet knit with gossamer winged fairies on butterfly backs.  Absolutely enchanting.
3pm – Weenie Rock – Back by popular demand!
9pm – Thunderstruck – High quality sweatshirt fleece makes this diaper extra absorbent, lightening bolts make it electrifiying!

Stocking Thursday –shown on the left, from top to bottom:
11am – Beach Boys – Imported knit with adorable beachy style.
3pm – Band Camp & Sugar Rush – Back by popular demand!  Both are limited quantities!
9pm – One Fine Daisy – A vintage inspired knit with a hint of late summer sunshine

Want to see these fabrics sewn up into diapers?  Be sure to check our Facebook page each stocking day for more pictures.
Need to enlist stalking help?  Join our Buy/Sell/Trade/Chat page!

New Stocking Schedule & Semi-Customs are Coming Back!

Sunday night stockings have become a little bit of a pain in my tuckus this summer.  Late summer nights have taken over & my kids won’t go to bed when I want them to.  Darn them!    If you looked in my windows on a Sunday night at about 8:45, you’d see me frantically trying to get everything on the website turned on before 9pm while also running upstairs for “one more sip of water” or “Mommy, come and wipe me”  (was that TMI?  sorry, that’s my life y’all), or a plain ole  “GO TO BED NOW”.

So for my sanity, I’m switching it up.  And maybe making you happy at the same time.  ‘Cause we’re going to stock 2 days a week now!  oh yeah.  And at a few times throughout the day.  YES!   Now you have no excuses.  I’m always stocking something at a convenient time for someone.    And, oh yeah, these are semi-customs too.  Seeeee…you asked, I heard, and I delivered 🙂

Alright, alright, here’s our new stocking schedule, this might seem confusing at first but I promise you’ll catch on and it’ll be lots of fun:

Tuesdays at 11am, 3pm, and 9pm

Thursdays at 11am, 3pm, and 9pm

all times are eastern time.

Every Monday I’ll post a preview picture of the prints stocking that week, here on the blog & on Facebook.

At stocking time, I’ll post a picture on our Facebook page and that diaper will be live on our website, ready for ordering.  These will be made to order, which allows you to pick some of the particulars such as bamboo or cotton inner and serged or turned & topstitched.  And (this is the exciting part) we’ll have just a 1 WEEK TURNAROUND!  woot woot

Since we want to keep the turnaround quick, we’ll be limiting the number of each print to ensure speedy sewing & shipping.  You can expect each print to be available for order for only about an hour.

You can place multiple orders throughout each stocking day & only pay shipping once by using ‘combine’ as the coupon code at checkout for every order after your first.

Okay, so a rundown & example:

It’s 11am on Tuesday.  I post a picture of a lovely diaper on Facebook with a  link to our website.  That diaper is now available for ordering, and you’ll be able to add it to your cart while picking cotton or bamboo inner, snaps or snapless, and serged or turned & topstitched.

You make your picks & check out

We make your diaper and ship it within 1 week

You have gorgeous fluff made just the way you want it…now you’re really happy, which makes you really horny, so now your husband is really happy, your marriage thrives and everyone lives happily every after.  Ok, I’m totally kidding about the horny part, but I think you should tell that to your husband and I’m pretty sure he’ll say OKAY! the next time you say you’re ordering “just one more diaper” …

If you have questions, post ’em here or on our Facebook wall.  Thanks!


Oh, here are the gorgeous prints coming up this week!

NEW Updated & Upgraded One-Size Fit!

I’m super pleased to announce that we’ve upgraded & updated the fit of our one-size print fitted!   Nothing major, since I know you love the current fit, but a few minor changes to make it *just* right!

I have a comparison picture for you below, here’s a brief rundown of the changes:

-Slightly longer rise

-Slightly wider cut across the bum

-Slightly longer wings

*Here’s the biggest change!  A full row of snaps running across the fold-over rise.  This allows for a MUCH better fit on small babies with big bellies who haven’t yet moved up to the longer rise but need more room to accommodate their delicious chub.

-And a minor change to the way we sew the soaker, which doesn’t affect the fit or function but makes it a little easier for us to sew & might improve the drying time

Comparison Picture – Old One-Size Fitted on the top, New One-Size Fitted on the bottom (click on the pic if you need to see it bigger)

And the New One-Size Fitted all on it’s own


We still have some of the old style in stock & on sale for 20% off!  Check out the selection by clicking here & visit us on Sunday at 9pm eastern time when we stock the new style for the first time!

Have a great weekend!



Last stocking at current prices!

As demand for natural & organic fabrics has risen, so have the prices on the bamboo and cotton we use to make our diapers.  Since 2008 we’ve seen a 40% increase on some of our raw materials, and until now we’ve absorbed all increases.  Unfortunately, we recently got word of another price increase.  To counterbalance, we’ll have to raise our prices this time.  July 1st, new prices will go into effect:

All One-Size Fitteds – $35

All Newborn Fitteds – $25


  • XS – $17
  • S – $19
  • M – $21
  • L – $25
  • XL – $28

Terry Squares will not see an increase at this time, but we’ll no longer be able to offer any bulk discounts on them.


We’re stocking new prints tonight & we have a limited quantity of Loops in stock, so take advantage of the current prices while you can!


Thank you so much for your continued support!

♥ Jen

Seconds Sale Coming!

We don’t have many second quality items come down the line, but mistakes happen & when they do I usually toss the diaper to the side to deal with later.  Now I have a pile of diapers that need to be dealt with.  So Sunday night at 9pm eastern time we’re having a seconds sale on our Facebook group page.  This is a private group that you’ll need to join if you want to participate in the sale.  Go ahead & join up now, come Sunday evening we probably won’t have time to approve new folks.  Click here to join:  Orange Diaper Company Buy / Sell / Trade / Chat Group

How it works:

-You’ll want to be on the group page at 9pm Sunday night.  The sale will start right about 9.  I’ll check in with a “Heya, ya’ll ready?”  and then the fun begins.  The whole shebang will probably last about an hour.

-Make sure your PayPal account is active & ready to go, you’ll need it to pay.

– Once the sale begins, I’ll post a picture of an item & the price.  If you want it,  you call it first & it’s yours.  You post your PayPal address, I send an invoice, you pay, I mail.  Boom, done.   Here’s an example from our Black Friday Sale:

Other important details:

-Listed prices will include US & Canada shipping.  Other international shoppers will pay actual shipping cost.

-If you call it & you’re first, it’s yours.  Please don’t yell ME ME!! if you don’t really want it.  Things move fast, but just take a second to be sure you know what you’re getting.

-There will be more than one of some items, in that case the first 2 or 3 people to call it get one.

-These will be second quality items.  Some will have minor sewing flaws such as crooked stitching or asymmetrical wings.  These items will NOT have an Orange tag on the outside.  They will have an Orange content & care tag on the inside.  Some items have been tagged as seconds because of dirt or ink spots.  These WILL have an Orange tag on the outside.  For this sale we’ll have a bunch of medium Loops that were accidentally sewn with their elastics too tight, so they’re somewhere between a small & a medium.  These will have an Orange tag marked with an S and the tag has been cut.

-VERY IMPORTANT:  Seconds are not eligible for returns or exchanges for any reason.

Here’s a peek at what’s coming:

One Size Fitteds: Row 1: Lollipop Serged, Natural Bamboo Velour Snapless, Surfrider Snapless, Rock & Rule, In Living Color. Row 2: Carrot Sticks, Shipwrecked, Class President, Sea Kiss, Big Dig

Medium Loops: Royal, White, Turquoise, Lime, Red, Purple, Berry


We can’t be in two places at once, so nothing will be happening on our website Sunday night.  See ya at the sale!


Questions?  Comment here, post on our Facebook Wall, or email me at:  jennifer AT