That’s me…with lots of oranges!

Hi  *waves*   I’m Jen Rosenberg, a Chesapeake Bay beach baby transplanted to the countryside of rural southeastern Virginia where I’m busy raising 2 silly, smart, handsome boys — Cole & Luke — and shacking up with my baby daddy, Brad.  We’re really married, but it sounds more interesting the other way.

When I’m not building lego empires, chasing frogs from the living room, or prying shoes out of our golden retrievers mouth, I sew.  A lot.  And mostly diapers.  I opened Orange Diaper Company in early 2008, took it huge with millions of diapers in production (that’s an outrageous exaggeration, but it did feel that way) & 3 part-time employees, and then took it back home, back to micro, & gorgeously hand-crafted in 2013.  Today, ODC is me & my hubs:  he does the cutting, I do the sewing, we both do some snapping.  Together we get it done.  We are diaper ninjas.

Other random bits of info:  I love chips & fresh salsa; Ira Glass is my celebrity crush; I don’t enjoy cooking all that much but I really dig baking fresh bread; I want to learn how to knit; I get all giddy & excited about old sewing machines; I looovveey love love thrift store shopping; I think laughter & music, taken separately or together, are the cure for anything.

Thanks for stopping by!


2 Comments on “about”

  1. Rebecca Appel says:

    ODC are my new favourite diapers 🙂

  2. Lindsay says:

    I just made my first ever order to ODC (rainbow bundle of bamboo terry squares! :)) and I simply cannot wait to try these in about a month when they arrive!! 🙂 I have heard nothing but absolutely fantastic things about the quality of diapers and customer service. Thank you, Jen!! 🙂


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