newborn stocking postponement

Tonight was scheduled to be a newborn stocking, but I have a machine that’s not working & that dramatically slowed the sewing process.  I’m guessing no one wants a partially sewn diaper, so the newborn stocking will be rescheduled for next Tuesday, the 7th.

BUT I have all these one-size leftovers hanging around here, taking up space.  To get rid of them I’m packing them up as grab bags!  Join us on our buy/sell/trade Facebook page tonight at 9pm eastern time, I’ll do these lotto style & use to pick the winning buyers.  This helps eliminate the risk of oversells & makes it a little fairer for those with a slower internet connection.

Here’s how it’ll work:

–I’ll post on the buy/sell/trade page something like this:

One-Size Boyish Grab Bag – $69 shipped within the US / $79 to Canada / $82 to Europe – 4 available

–If you’re interested, you leave a comment.  Any comment will do.  One comment per person please!

–I’ll leave the post open for 15 minutes, then close it & use to pick 4 numbers

–Your comment is your number — if you leave the 7th comment, you’re number 7 — if number 7 is one of the numbers picked by, you are a winning buyer!   Yippee!  You’ll email me your PayPal email address, I’ll email you an invoice, you pay, I ship, you get Oranges in your mailbox!

A couple of notes:

Please don’t comment if you’re not really interested in buying.  You might win & then you’ll have to tell me you don’t really want it, & that’s sort of embarrassing.

A Grab Bag = 2 one-size diapers, normally priced $35-$38 each + shipping.  Grab Bag prices include shipping.

These diapers are made & already packed up.  I’ll just be grabbing a package & sticking a mailing label on it.  That means I won’t know what you’re getting & you might get a duplicate of a print you already have (usually during grab bag fulfillment, I try my best to avoid doing that).

Join our b/s/t page here:

See you tonight at 9pm eastern time!


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