sun drenched loops




one-size vs newborn loops


New Sun Drenched Loops open for pre-orders tonight at 9pm eastern time!   Bright, gorgeous colors set off spectacularly by the creamy softness of organic double sided bamboo terry.  This months colors…

  • Sun Spark – Golden yellow main & accent thread w/ neon orange snaps
  • Isla – Turquoise main & lime accent thread, lime snaps
  • Hibiscus – Orange main & hot pink accent thread, hot pink snaps

All colors will be available in one-size & newborn, snapped & snapless.  Oh so soft, stretchy to fit for a long time, and with a high resale value it’s easy to see why Newborn Loops are quickly becoming a newborn cloth diapering stash staple!

Bamboo Terry Squares in singles & rainbow bundles will also open for pre-ordering with a ship date of May 10th.  They’ll be rolling out of here in time to arrive in your mailbox for the Flats & Handwashing Challenge!  If for no other reason, you need some terry squares for nights!

Wipes & Sweet-Sleep In Doublers are also opening for pre-0rdering.

Everything opens at 9pm eastern time tonight & will be closing on April 30th, or when sold out.  Loops & all accessories will begin shipping on May 15th, Terry Squares on May 10th.

Oh, and we have two amazing giveaways going on!  Go, right now, & enter!

Sugar High Giveaway

Dirty Diaper Laundry Giveaway

One Comment on “sun drenched loops”

  1. Mindy Richards says:

    I love the mustache print!


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