april stocking schedule

we’re a good bit into April & I meant to put this up right on the 1st, oh well.  Here’s the stocking schedule for the rest of this month…

April 9 – Squish – The Rainbow Reaction

April 10 – Drawing for 10 custom slots in the Growing Oranges group.  Haven’t entered yet?  Do it here.

April 12 – Kicking Back Fleece Covers pre-ordering closes.  Shop now.   (shipping begins April 26)

April 16 – Terry Pre-orders open.  Loops in gorgeous new sun drenched colors, Terry Squares in all colors + Rainbow Bundles, Wipes, & Sweet Sleep Snap Ins.  (shipping begins May 15)

April 23 – New One-Size prints open for pre-orders.  (Squish orders begin shipping)

April 30 – Newborn Stocking.  Loops pre-orders close.

All stockings are at 9pm eastern time & happen on our website:  www.orangediaperco.com.  As always, we’re a small family run business making things happen from our home studio so things can change.  We always update on our Facebook group page.

One Comment on “april stocking schedule”

  1. Nadine Stirling says:

    <3, as always. 😀


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