in the ground

Weeks of colds, flu, fevers, runny noses, upset tummies, and achey bodies have left us all worn flat out.  The weather has been a pretty good match to our miserable state.  Cold, rainy, gray.  This past weekend everything cleared.  We all, if not feeling 100%, woke feeling much much better.  The sun broke through, bright & shiny & warm.

I wrote previously about breaking ground on a garden & we took full advantage of the gorgeous weather to plant our first little veggies.  I took the boys with me to the garden center & we picked up a few of just about everything they had…broccoli, brussels sprouts, two different lettuces, onions, spinach, cabbage, & asparagus.  I’m particularly excited about the asparagus.  Maybe because it can’t be harvested for 2 years, so it has an extra special something about it.

We put it all in the ground, watered it (always the kid favorite, right?), & have had to chase the dog off the plants a bunch of times.  Every time he comes in the house & his paws are muddy I know where he’s been.  Stinking dog.  I’m hoping that as the plants get bigger he’ll realize that area’s not for tromping through.

Has the weather cleared enough for you to get started?  What are you planting?  Especially if you’re in the mid-Atlantic region of the US, what’s your favorite spring crop?

One Comment on “in the ground”

  1. Angela Thain says:

    It snowed here today. This post has me hoping Spring is near!


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