life at a glance


it’s been a busy couple of weeks & I haven’t been reaching for my camera as much as usual, but I have been snapping plenty of pictures with my phone.  Here’s a peek at what life’s been like over here, at least according to my phone…


^^^ really windy day.  the kind that makes little boys think they might just blow away if they time it right.

^^^a little bit of bliss

^^^ more bliss!  I am so lucky to have the absolute best customers in the whole world.  like ever.  thank you!

^^^ daddy came home from a trip to Asia

^^^ we went to an antique mall & didn’t buy anything but did take a minute to get the sillies out before going inside

^^^ I sewed a whole lot of sweet sleep snap in boosters.  whole lot of ’em.

^^^ we celebrated the Chinese new year


^^^ trip to the children’s museum

^^^ loops!

^^^ I sewed lots & lots of squish to go with all those snap-in boosters!


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