february stocking schedule

  • February 5, 9pm eastern time :  Squish.
  • February 12, 9pm eastern time : lots of PRINTS!
  • February 19, 9pm eastern time : Loops & Terry Squares – Loops in 2 new colors, Terries in these 2 + all the regulars.
  • February 26, 9pm eastern time : Kicking Back Pants in 3 new colors + Inkwell

There will be a Bliss stocking in there somewhere, I’m just not sure where it’ll fall yet.  And, as always, the schedule could change a bit if someone gets sick or I fall behind on orders.

How it works:

We stock weekly on our website, www.orangediaperco.com, at 9pm eastern time.  Our stuff goes FAST so be there, logged in & ready to click, before 9pm.

Have a slow connection speed, live in a different time zone, working at stocking time, or just need some stalking help?  Join our buy/sell/trade group on facebook & ask for help.

These are all pre-order stockings.   That means I sew one to show you how it looks, you order if you like it, & then I make yours.  This usually takes 2 weeks, give or take a few days.  The Loops & Terry Squares stay open longer than the one-size diapers since there are more of those available; they’re usually open about a week before selling out and then start shipping 2 weeks after the closing date.

If you have any questions, ask here, on facebook, or shoot me an email (jennifer AT orangediaperco.com) ♥

2 Comments on “february stocking schedule”

  1. Regina P says:

    Be still my heart! That fox print ♥

  2. Htenaj says:

    How fun are these stockings?? I love the idea of plnayig with different colors for Christmas, and I am so impressed with you lady! Power tools and sewing??? Why can’t we be neighbors!


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