12 little arrows.  12 little hearts.  Each one hand cut & then stitched on free hand.  Lots of love went into these diapers & I can’t wait to see your little ones wearing them (please share pictures!).

Oh look at me, serging the soakers.  Soaker serging is probably my least favorite part of the diaper making process.  It’s so tedious, so repetitive, so sort of ho hum.  But I do love seeing them finished, nice & neat, each stitch in its place.  My favorite part is topstitching, you can really see it all come together then.  All the planning & creating, an idea finally realized.

Hours of cutting, stitching, serging, snapping and then all of sudden, there they are.  All done & ready to go home.  I send them off with love, please enjoy them!

2 Comments on “lovestruck”

  1. Elissa says:

    Absolutely LOVE these diapers! Awesome craftmanship…I love that you posted pictures of the work that goes into them! I sew and sell diapers too, and seriously, they take work! 🙂


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