start to finish

Here’s how my Friday looked from start to finish.

8am ~ coffee & toast.  It’s Friday, so I’m down to the heels of the bread & the last drops of cream.    I picked up this book from the thrift store a week or so ago &, so far, it’s really good.  I only got through a paragraph this morning before being called off to help with something or other, but I’ll get back to it tonight.

9am ~ kiss ’em good bye.  It’s a teacher work day, so the boys are home with dad this morning.  He’ll take them over to Grandma’s later, but for now they’re all cozy in their pj’s.  I’m off to the studio.

10am ~ fabric delivery!  Re-upping our turquoise & chocolate velours plus a new color…black!  Look for it in the next Squish stocking.

11am ~ Break for play!  Brad & the boys stop by on their way to Grandma’s.  Those rolls of fabric are irresistible & there’s an immediate pile on.  Lots of laughing & a few “I’m hungry, got any snacks?” and then they’re gone.

1pm ~ Pre-orders from earlier in January are coming together & will be shipping soon!  I love seeing them stacked, snapped, and ready to go.  A line of gorgeousness.

1:30pm ~ Pulled a matching pair of One-Size & Newborn Kismets.  I’m dying of cuteness overload.

1:30pm ~ The cuteness won’t quit!  This little set is going to one lucky baby.  Aren’t these great together?

2:30pm ~ lots of packages.  Labels are printing & this fluff is ready to go home!

3:30pm ~ snow starts.  It never snows here & when it does the world stops.  Seriously, when an inch of snow is in the forecast the grocery stores are wiped out of bread & milk & beer.

My boys were at my mom’s, 45 minutes away, so I had to high-tail it over there, very slowly & carefully of course, to pick them up.  I was a nervous wreck.

4:30pm ~ snow!!   Okay so this is embarrassing to admit, but I got to my mom’s & was scared to drive back home!  The roads were slippery, the traffic was a nightmare, and I wasn’t going anywhere.  I called Brad & asked him to come get us.  He was stuck where he was too.  I had visions of spending the night on my parent’s couch: no jammies, no toothbrush, no clean underwear, and a dog at home who was hungry & needing to pee.  We hung out, played in the snow, had some dinner with my folks.  Brad was finally able to get out of work & make his way to us about 7pm.

9pm ~ Teddy was really happy to see us & I was happy to see that there were no messes.  Yay!

10pm ~ finally, relax.  Legos are on every surface & covering the entire floor, but that can wait til morning. I’m curling up with my book.

3 Comments on “start to finish”

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I’m glad you made it home safe. Traffic was a nightmare yesterday.


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