It’s Luke’s 5th birthday!  Tuesday is the official big day, but a Tuesday is no day for a party so we celebrated this weekend with our family & had a roaring good time.

There are some things I’m good at & some things that I can only just pull off decently, and cake decorating definitely falls into the latter category.  It looked a lot better in concept.  But the birthday boy took a swipe & proclaimed his cake delicious, which is all a mama can hope for.

I’ve recently started handing the camera to the kiddos & letting them click away.  I usually end up with 142 pictures of the floor, but this one that Cole took of Luke & me is a great one, isn’t it?  We were waiting for everyone to arrive; the house was clean, the food set out, and we were spending a few minutes just enjoying nothing but each other.

And then it was chaos.  4 boys ages 4-15 somehow seem like a herd of elephants, but louder & messier.  And lots of fun.  Someone always brings silly string & the grown ups take cover inside while the kids run & laugh & have the best time ever.

Legos, legos, legos was what Luke said he wanted & he got lots.  He didn’t even want to open the rest of his presents before digging into those boxes.

Oh my dear sweet Luke.  I don’t know what you wished before blowing out those candles, but my wish for you is simple:  stay happy ♥


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