I’ve been dreaming of diapers lately.  Gorgeous, inspired, uber hand-crafted, & breathtakingly beautiful.  I’ve been following that dream & finding my bliss.  It’s hard to say that I’ve been ‘working’ on these, it’s more like I’ve been losing myself in these.  I’ve lost hours playing & dreaming & matching fabrics, then letting my hands bring it to life.  It’s bliss.  Ohhhh I’m so excited to bring to life The Bliss Collection!


Here’s a little peek at some of the bliss that’s been taking over the studio.  Neither of these are finished, or will even be sold.  They’re more like first drafts.  You can see why I’m so excited!

Each diaper in The Bliss Collection will be very limited, sometimes one of a kind, and may feature hand-cut appliqués, quilting techniques, unique stitching, hand-painting or dying, and/or anything else I can dream up!   Pricing will start at $45 and will be based on the time involved in crafting each individual diaper.

We’ll kick off The Bliss Collection this Thursday with LOVESTRUCK!  Absolutely perfect for Valentine’s Day and stunning year-round, this diaper will be priced at $48 & will pre-order at 9pm eastern time Thursday January 17th on our website.

I’m tentatively planning another Bliss stocking for January 29th, and will likely do a Bliss stocking monthly.  I can’t wait to share my bliss ♥

5 Comments on “bliss”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Do you have any job openings? No, seriously… I need a employers discount and some more Paypal to buy, lol. Keep up the awesome dreams of what looks cute on a baby bum!

  2. Jan W says:

    <# as usual!

  3. Heather says:

    Just don’t make anything out of paisley anytime soon, I’m broke. 🙂


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