it’s shipping day & I got fan mail!








We’ve been working on a huge pile of SQUISHY goodness for the last 2 weeks & they’re shipping out today!  I hope you have one coming to you; they’re so soft & pretty, I think every stash needs at least one.  The packing up seems to take almost as long as the sewing sometimes, but I enjoy every step of the process from the cutting of the fabric to the cutting of the ribbon.  Isn’t it great when work brings you joy?

And speaking of JOY!  Look at what I found in my mailbox this weekend!  A gorgeous BOOK of babies rocking their Orange fluff.  This was a gift from some of the loveliest gals I know & I consider myself so lucky to know so many lovely gals.  This was the best Christmas present ever & I’ll always treasure it.  My boys thought it was really neat too, seeing all those babies wearing things their mama had made.

Please excuse my hair!  I was in that post-shower phase of not yet dry, not quite wet, starting to frizz & do weird curl things.   Yikes.

2 Comments on “it’s shipping day & I got fan mail!”

  1. Cassie says:

    That is so thoughtful and awesome!

    And your hair looks great, silly.


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