introducing ~ kicking back pants

Kicking Back Pants:  Pants for chilling, mellowing out.  Pants for building block towers & knocking them down.  Pants for treasure hunts & tea parties.  Comfort + style.  Pants that keep your littles warm & dry, and then get thrown in the washing machine when they’re dirty.  Who has time for hand washing?  There’s fun to be had.

I’ve had the idea for these fleece longies kicking around in my brain for years & they’ve finally become real!  I feel like Geppetto.   Now, these aren’t just any old fleece longies…no, no, no.  You’d expect more from ODC, right?  These are made with Malden Mills fleece (aka Polartec); this is super high quality, really squishy & cozy, and used by high end manufacturers like Northface, LL Bean, & Patagonia.  It’s truly the best fleece available & it’s made in the USA!

Why fleece, you ask?   I love fleece for it’s easy care.  I love that my kid can wear his longies while eating or playing outside in the dirt.  I can throw these longies in the washing machine with any load of clothes or with the diapers.  Those dirty, crawler knees will come clean!  These longies can go in the dryer & they’ll never shrink.  Hang ’em on the line & they’re dry in just a few hours.  Shoot, less than an hour in the summertime.  They don’t need lanolizing or any special care.  They’re just so dang easy.  And cute.  And comfy.  Oh, and they’re bulletproof for nights.  You’re going to love them.

Kicking Back Pants will stock as a pre-order on Tuesday 1/8 at 9pm eastern time in 3 colors:  Lion, Sailor, & Inkwell.


  • XS — up to 12 pounds — fits approx birth to 4 months — 5.5″ inseam
  • S — 10-18 pounds — fits approx 3-8 months — 7″ inseam
  • M — 16-24 pounds — fits approx 6-18 months — 8.75″ inseam
  • L — 22-34 pounds — fits approx 15-36 months — 10.75″ inseam
  • XL — 32-40 pounds — fits approx 3-5 years — 12″ inseam

*all ages, weights, & measurements are approximates


  • XS-L — $35
  • XL — $39

5 Comments on “introducing ~ kicking back pants”

  1. onetechmom says:

    These are beautiful! Quick question – how do they keep kiddos dry at night? These have always confused me. I need some more information!

    • Fleece –polyester fleece as opposed to cotton fleece (like sweatshirt fleece)– is water resistant. As wetness hits the fleece, it’s forced back into the diaper keeping the moisture in the diaper & the outside of the pants dry. Not all fleece is created equal though, & we’ve done extensive research & testing to find the one that works the best with cloth diapering.
      If you have other questions, let me know here or email me: 🙂

    • Jittu says:

      That candy cane diaper is aldbaroe! I keep seeing all these cute holiday diapers and am so excited for next year when I’ll have a little dude to put them on. Thanks for the great review.

  2. […] introducing ~ kicking back pants → […]


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