There’s a new craze in my house.  Washi tape.  I just love it.  This weekend we decorated clothespins; lots of artwork has gone up; and I made a pile of cards, one of which will be tucked into your next package.

  • this blog has lots of amazing washi tape ideas & their clothespins look better
  • neat cross-stitch matryoshka here
  • here is a pretty journal
  • lovely washi wrapped tea lights here
  • WOAH a washi wrapped Mini on this blog
  • this is sooo cute!  will have to remember for next Christmas
  • lots of awesome washi tape on etsy 

Have you done something fantastic with washi tape?  I want to see!  Leave a link in the comments so we can all marvel at your crafty genius.


2 Comments on “sticky”

  1. JoyfulJ says:

    Where did you get that moon chart calendar?!?!?!?!?


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