ahh, weekend

oh yes, the weekend.  Impossibly, a 2-day week back at school & work after a week & a half off feels excruciatingly long.  Thankfully, Saturday arrived just in time.  Bright & sunny & cold.  We ate a quick breakfast of hairy eyeballs (this is also sometimes known as egg in the hole, egg in toast, or egg in the basket, but a piece of toast with an egg in the middle is a hairy eyeball in this house.)  and then donned our warm coats & hats and set off into the woods behind our house.  We spent about an hour back there, listening to the woodpecker –so loud!– rubbing a mossy tree stump –so soft!– and stomping through the creek –so cold!  An hour in the woods was the perfect start to a weekend that will otherwise be filled with necessary, but somewhat dull, chores.

Still needing to be crossed off my list:

  • laundry.  lots.
  • un-decorate (de-decorate?) & get rid of the dead, droopy tree.
  • sweep & mop the kitchen where the dog left behind muddy prints
  • grocery
  • and I really want to bake some bread.  This one looks so fun, but I’ll probably just go with this one.

Wishing you a short to-do list & a wonderful weekend!


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