it’s a squishy new year!


~ lots of squish! ~


SERAPE squish pack

~ SERAPE squish pack ~


PEACOCK squish pack

~ PEACOCK squish pack ~


PRANCE squish pack

~ PRANCE squish pack ~


I know you’re dying to celebrate the new year with some squishy new fluff!  Tuesday, the 1st, at 9pm eastern time (click here for a time zone calculator)  we’ll be stocking some super awesome diapers that we like to call SQUISH!  These are velour in & out, so they are the coziest, comfiest, fluffiest thing you can put on a behind.  They’re also fantastically absorbent.  And they’re one of our best selling items.  Orangies go bananas for SQUISH.

I know some of you want to stock up since these are your go-to nighttime solution so I’ve created these Squish Packs to make check-out easier & faster.  You get 3 gorgeous diapers with only one trip through the check out lane!   Each of these diapers will also be available for purchase as singles.

If you’re new to ODC, or SQUISH, check out this post for more info about nighttime diapering with Oranges.

Prices are as follows:

Squish Packs – $105 regular / $129 nighttime

Single Squish – $35 regular / $43 nighttime

Rainbow Glo Squish – $37 regular / $45 nighttime  (picture below)

We ship worldwide!  Shipping within the US is a flat rate of $4.95, all international packages are charged exact shipping costs.

stockings happen here:

Oh, and we have a new Rainbow Glo color!



ATOMIC squish

^ ATOMIC squish

RUMBA squish

^ RUMBA squish


^ LEMON ZEST squish


^ CRINOLINE squish

JEWELED squish

^ JEWELED squish


^ PUDDING PIE squish

TAHOE squish

^ TAHOE squish


^ BRIGHT SPOT squish

JUNIPER squish

^ JUNIPER squish

Sleeping, working, or otherwise unable to get on-line during our stocking time?  No worries, Orangies are a sweet & helpful bunch.  Join our buy/sell/trade/chat community on Facebook to ask for stalking help, score a used Orange, ask about wash routines, or just yak it up with other gals gone crazy for Oranges.  It’s a closed group, so your non-cloth diapering friends won’t know just how far you’ve gone 😉


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