digging in

breaking ground

eep.  sweatpants.





When we moved into this house 3 years ago I was most excited about allllll  theeee spaaaace.  3 acres!  I had homesteading dreams of chickens & heirloom tomatoes & composting & dirt under my nails.  3 years later & I don’t even have a clothesline hung, let alone a single plant planted.  Well, I did have a basil plant this summer.  In a pot, on my porch.  That doesn’t really count though, does it?

Let’s start today.

We’ve had a lot of rain & the ground is wet & soft, no better time than now to start turning the soil.  I’ve read up on this, I know the lingo.  The boys had a great time looking for worms & made a contest of who could find the fattest one.  Cole eventually lost interest in the whole thing & retreated to his books.  Always the worker, Luke got out his dump truck & starting hauling off dirt clods.  And I, I really dug in & it felt good.


(Yes, those are sweatpants I’m wearing.  Don’t judge me.)

5 Comments on “digging in”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Those are the best kind of sweatpants… I still have a pair that is going on 12 years. I don’t know what I am going to do when the holes in the pants get too much bigger.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a start to a new year! I too find digging and dirt under my nails cathartic. We just built a house and our yard will be a mess when all the snow leaves so lots to do. I’m a little jealous of your digging in December!!

    • I know, I feel lucky that we were able to get out & get a head start on the garden-building before Spring arrives. I’ll have plenty of time to get it ready for planting, so no excuses this year!
      Congrats on your new house!

  3. […] I wrote previously about breaking ground on a garden & we took full advantage of the gorgeous weather to plant our first little veggies.  I took the boys with me to the garden center & we picked up a few of just about everything they had…broccoli, brussels sprouts, two different lettuces, onions, spinach, cabbage, & asparagus.  I’m particularly excited about the asparagus.  Maybe because it can’t be harvested for 2 years, so it has an extra special something about it. […]


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