Weekly Stocking Preview

Here it is, your round up of this week’s prints & stocking times!

(I probably should’ve switched these fabric stacks, because they seem backwards.  Sorry ’bout that.)

Stocking Tuesday — shown on the right, from top to bottom:
11am – Enchanted – A sweet knit with gossamer winged fairies on butterfly backs.  Absolutely enchanting.
3pm – Weenie Rock – Back by popular demand!
9pm – Thunderstruck – High quality sweatshirt fleece makes this diaper extra absorbent, lightening bolts make it electrifiying!

Stocking Thursday –shown on the left, from top to bottom:
11am – Beach Boys – Imported knit with adorable beachy style.
3pm – Band Camp & Sugar Rush – Back by popular demand!  Both are limited quantities!
9pm – One Fine Daisy – A vintage inspired knit with a hint of late summer sunshine

Want to see these fabrics sewn up into diapers?  Be sure to check our Facebook page each stocking day for more pictures.
Need to enlist stalking help?  Join our Buy/Sell/Trade/Chat page!


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