New Stocking Schedule & Semi-Customs are Coming Back!

Sunday night stockings have become a little bit of a pain in my tuckus this summer.  Late summer nights have taken over & my kids won’t go to bed when I want them to.  Darn them!    If you looked in my windows on a Sunday night at about 8:45, you’d see me frantically trying to get everything on the website turned on before 9pm while also running upstairs for “one more sip of water” or “Mommy, come and wipe me”  (was that TMI?  sorry, that’s my life y’all), or a plain ole  “GO TO BED NOW”.

So for my sanity, I’m switching it up.  And maybe making you happy at the same time.  ‘Cause we’re going to stock 2 days a week now!  oh yeah.  And at a few times throughout the day.  YES!   Now you have no excuses.  I’m always stocking something at a convenient time for someone.    And, oh yeah, these are semi-customs too.  Seeeee…you asked, I heard, and I delivered 🙂

Alright, alright, here’s our new stocking schedule, this might seem confusing at first but I promise you’ll catch on and it’ll be lots of fun:

Tuesdays at 11am, 3pm, and 9pm

Thursdays at 11am, 3pm, and 9pm

all times are eastern time.

Every Monday I’ll post a preview picture of the prints stocking that week, here on the blog & on Facebook.

At stocking time, I’ll post a picture on our Facebook page and that diaper will be live on our website, ready for ordering.  These will be made to order, which allows you to pick some of the particulars such as bamboo or cotton inner and serged or turned & topstitched.  And (this is the exciting part) we’ll have just a 1 WEEK TURNAROUND!  woot woot

Since we want to keep the turnaround quick, we’ll be limiting the number of each print to ensure speedy sewing & shipping.  You can expect each print to be available for order for only about an hour.

You can place multiple orders throughout each stocking day & only pay shipping once by using ‘combine’ as the coupon code at checkout for every order after your first.

Okay, so a rundown & example:

It’s 11am on Tuesday.  I post a picture of a lovely diaper on Facebook with a  link to our website.  That diaper is now available for ordering, and you’ll be able to add it to your cart while picking cotton or bamboo inner, snaps or snapless, and serged or turned & topstitched.

You make your picks & check out

We make your diaper and ship it within 1 week

You have gorgeous fluff made just the way you want it…now you’re really happy, which makes you really horny, so now your husband is really happy, your marriage thrives and everyone lives happily every after.  Ok, I’m totally kidding about the horny part, but I think you should tell that to your husband and I’m pretty sure he’ll say OKAY! the next time you say you’re ordering “just one more diaper” …

If you have questions, post ’em here or on our Facebook wall.  Thanks!


Oh, here are the gorgeous prints coming up this week!


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