NEW Updated & Upgraded One-Size Fit!

I’m super pleased to announce that we’ve upgraded & updated the fit of our one-size print fitted!   Nothing major, since I know you love the current fit, but a few minor changes to make it *just* right!

I have a comparison picture for you below, here’s a brief rundown of the changes:

-Slightly longer rise

-Slightly wider cut across the bum

-Slightly longer wings

*Here’s the biggest change!  A full row of snaps running across the fold-over rise.  This allows for a MUCH better fit on small babies with big bellies who haven’t yet moved up to the longer rise but need more room to accommodate their delicious chub.

-And a minor change to the way we sew the soaker, which doesn’t affect the fit or function but makes it a little easier for us to sew & might improve the drying time

Comparison Picture – Old One-Size Fitted on the top, New One-Size Fitted on the bottom (click on the pic if you need to see it bigger)

And the New One-Size Fitted all on it’s own


We still have some of the old style in stock & on sale for 20% off!  Check out the selection by clicking here & visit us on Sunday at 9pm eastern time when we stock the new style for the first time!

Have a great weekend!




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