Last stocking at current prices!

As demand for natural & organic fabrics has risen, so have the prices on the bamboo and cotton we use to make our diapers.  Since 2008 we’ve seen a 40% increase on some of our raw materials, and until now we’ve absorbed all increases.  Unfortunately, we recently got word of another price increase.  To counterbalance, we’ll have to raise our prices this time.  July 1st, new prices will go into effect:

All One-Size Fitteds – $35

All Newborn Fitteds – $25


  • XS – $17
  • S – $19
  • M – $21
  • L – $25
  • XL – $28

Terry Squares will not see an increase at this time, but we’ll no longer be able to offer any bulk discounts on them.


We’re stocking new prints tonight & we have a limited quantity of Loops in stock, so take advantage of the current prices while you can!


Thank you so much for your continued support!

♥ Jen


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