Seconds Sale Coming!

We don’t have many second quality items come down the line, but mistakes happen & when they do I usually toss the diaper to the side to deal with later.  Now I have a pile of diapers that need to be dealt with.  So Sunday night at 9pm eastern time we’re having a seconds sale on our Facebook group page.  This is a private group that you’ll need to join if you want to participate in the sale.  Go ahead & join up now, come Sunday evening we probably won’t have time to approve new folks.  Click here to join:  Orange Diaper Company Buy / Sell / Trade / Chat Group

How it works:

-You’ll want to be on the group page at 9pm Sunday night.  The sale will start right about 9.  I’ll check in with a “Heya, ya’ll ready?”  and then the fun begins.  The whole shebang will probably last about an hour.

-Make sure your PayPal account is active & ready to go, you’ll need it to pay.

– Once the sale begins, I’ll post a picture of an item & the price.  If you want it,  you call it first & it’s yours.  You post your PayPal address, I send an invoice, you pay, I mail.  Boom, done.   Here’s an example from our Black Friday Sale:

Other important details:

-Listed prices will include US & Canada shipping.  Other international shoppers will pay actual shipping cost.

-If you call it & you’re first, it’s yours.  Please don’t yell ME ME!! if you don’t really want it.  Things move fast, but just take a second to be sure you know what you’re getting.

-There will be more than one of some items, in that case the first 2 or 3 people to call it get one.

-These will be second quality items.  Some will have minor sewing flaws such as crooked stitching or asymmetrical wings.  These items will NOT have an Orange tag on the outside.  They will have an Orange content & care tag on the inside.  Some items have been tagged as seconds because of dirt or ink spots.  These WILL have an Orange tag on the outside.  For this sale we’ll have a bunch of medium Loops that were accidentally sewn with their elastics too tight, so they’re somewhere between a small & a medium.  These will have an Orange tag marked with an S and the tag has been cut.

-VERY IMPORTANT:  Seconds are not eligible for returns or exchanges for any reason.

Here’s a peek at what’s coming:

One Size Fitteds: Row 1: Lollipop Serged, Natural Bamboo Velour Snapless, Surfrider Snapless, Rock & Rule, In Living Color. Row 2: Carrot Sticks, Shipwrecked, Class President, Sea Kiss, Big Dig

Medium Loops: Royal, White, Turquoise, Lime, Red, Purple, Berry


We can’t be in two places at once, so nothing will be happening on our website Sunday night.  See ya at the sale!


Questions?  Comment here, post on our Facebook Wall, or email me at:  jennifer AT


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