We’re Growing!

ODC is growing!  Yay!  We’ve really needed to add to our team for a while.  Okay, the argument can be made that me + one part-timer isn’t really a TEAM per say, but whatever.

We hired an amazing new seamstress a few weeks ago & she’s mastered the turned & top-stitched diapers…hence all the fluffy goodness we were able to stock (and keep in stock) Sunday.

This week we have another fantastic woman coming in to start training and we hope to be stocking lots & lots soon (fingers crossed!).  I know we have a lot of moms in time zones that make it hard to stalk during our stocking time & my goal is to get to the point where shopping for Oranges can be a little easier & less stressful.  Cuz you have enough stress, right?

All this training means we probably won’t be stocking as much or as frequently for the next couple of weeks.   This coming weekend’s stocking won’t have any new prints, but we’ll hopefully have some in-stock Loops & maybe some more Terry Squares.

Over the coming weeks, I hope to build our stock of Loops, Terry Squares, Wipes, and even One-Size prints to the point where we have things staying in stock longer.  AND we’ll be introducing our new One-Size Loops  later this month or in early July!

I really love this business of diapering your babies & I’m so grateful that you let me do it!  Thank you for your support through the years & for your patience as we grow.  THANK YOU THANK YOU!   ♥♥♥  Jen

2 Comments on “We’re Growing!”

  1. Nadine says:

    Jen, you’re so amazing! We are all waiting with bated breath to see what you have coming for us! Congrats on all the “next steps” your business is taking!


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