Sweet Mail Giveaway!

This giveaway is now CLOSED!  Stay tuned, we’ll have another Sweet Mail Giveaway soon!  Thanks 🙂 

Who wants FREE fluff in their mailbox?!  Yeah, I thought so.  I’m super excited to announce our Sweet Mail giveaway!  We’ll do this occasionally, who knows how often, and all it requires is for you to send an email with your mailing address.  You don’t need to like a post, friend us on Facebook, sign up for a newsletter, hand over your firstborn, or anything!  We’re giving away FREE FLUFF with no strings attached!

So how do I enter?  you ask.  Here are the deets:

Send an email with Sweet Mail Giveaway as the subject to sweetmail@orangediaperco.com.   In the body of your email write your full mailing address and your preference of girly, boyish, or gender neutral.  You can leave any other wishes too, such as Small Loops Terry Diaper, or Toddler Terry Square, or Sugar Rush one-size fitted diaper with cotton velour inner.  Get as specific or generic as you want.  No guarantees that you’ll get what you’ve asked for, but you might!

The giveaway is open until 9am (eastern time) Monday, May 14th.  Once the giveaway closes, we’ll pick one name at random and send the winner SWEET MAIL!  What’ll it be?  Maybe cloth wipes, maybe a one-size fitted, maybe a terry square.  We won’t announce the winner, we’ll just mail a package.  Fun, right?   So go on and send the email!

(One important thing–we won’t open or read these emails, only the winning one.  So please don’t send any important info to this email address.  Instead, email jennifer@orangediaperco.com if you need customer service or assistance of any kind.)

And a quick stocking note:  We won’t be stocking this Sunday, May 13th.  I’ll be taking the day off to enjoy Mother’s Day with my fam!  We’ll resume our regular stocking schedule on Sunday, May 20th.

Have a great weekend!  ♥ Jen



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