Customs Open for Last Time!

Custom diapers will open tonight at 9pm for the last time!  We’ve had a blast making diapers to your specs & we’ll still do pre-orders with custom options for limited prints, but we’re changing things up a bit & focusing on keeping ready-to-ship diapers in stock.  And I have a new product I’ve been tweaking for years that I’m just itching to finish up & release.  You’re gonna LOVE it!  So I need a little time to work on getting that just right for release.

But tonight, 9pm eastern time, customs open one last time!  If you’ve never ordered a custom from us, here’s how it works:

We’ll stock as usual, same time & same place.  No additional instock diapers will stock this weekend.  Instead, we’ll open our pre-order section where you’ll be able to select a print, as well as options such as serged or turned legs, snapped or snapless, plus the velour and snap colors you like.

We’ll also have SYOF (Send Your Own Fabric) custom slots open which allow you to send in any print of your choice.  We’ll work closely with you to pick the best matches for velour and snap colors, craft your diaper and then return any unused fabric.   For SYOF, we accept only the outer print, no inner fabrics.

In addition, velour only diapers will be available for custom mixing & matching of velour & snap colors.

Customs will stay open for 24 HOURS ONLY!  From 9pm Sunday until 9pm Monday.

The custom turnaround time is generally 4 weeks.   Some items may ship sooner, but the majority of custom orders take about 4 weeks to complete.  Customs made with fabrics you provide usually take longer, up to 4 weeks after your final color decisions have been made.

Here’s a rundown of our current pricing:

  • Newborn with Cotton Velour – $20
  • Newborn with Organic Bamboo Velour – $22
  • Newborn Snapless with Cotton Velour – $17
  • Newborn Snapless with Organic Bamboo Velour – $19
  • One-Size with Cotton Velour – $30
  • One-Size with Organic Bamboo Velour – $32
  • One-Size Snapless with Cotton Velour – $25
  • One-Size Snapless with Organic Bamboo Velour – $27
*SYOF customs are discounted by $1

If you have any questions about how to get your custom diaper leave a comment, post to our Facebook wall, or email me at jennifer AT

Thanks so much, see ya tonight! ♥ Jen

2 Comments on “Customs Open for Last Time!”

  1. Regina P says:

    So sad that this is the last time 😦 But super happy my baby is finally here so I can order for her! We didn’t know the gender so I was holding off on ordering for her. See ya at 9!


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