Turned vs. Serged

What’s the difference & why do some people prefer one over the other?  Let’s do a quick rundown of the pro’s & con’s of each…

Serged vs. Turned & Top-Stitched Diaper



-A much stretchier diaper.  Our serged diaper is also a little bigger than our turned diaper, with more coverage on the tush, which could be a pro or a con depending on your baby’s size & build.

-Faster drying time

-Serged edge lends color & a look some prefer


-The  most common reason for not using serged diapers is skin sensitivity.  Many cloth diaper brands use harsh polyester thread to serge the edges which can rub tender skin, leaving it red & irritated.  We use a soft, plush, high-end thread for our serged diapers.  It’s the same thread used to sew clothing for children with skin sensitivity disorders and does not irritate the skin.  We’ve had many customers tell us that their child can’t wear serged diapers from any other brand, but they’ve experienced no issues with ours.

-Some people just prefer the neater look of a turned & top-stitched diaper

Turned & Top-Stitched (aka T&T)


-A neater, more finished look

-Slightly trimmer fit between the legs


-The turned legs tend to wear faster than serged

-The sewing process creates a thicker, bulkier seam which takes longer to dry

Some folks have absolutely no preference between the two, some strongly prefer one over the other.  The only way to tell if you like one style better is to try both!  Used & new Oranges for trade can be found on our Facebook Chat Page, join in!

If you have a preference let us, & other enquiring minds, know which & why in the comments!


3 Comments on “Turned vs. Serged”

  1. Cyndel Jones says:

    I like it that surging is less bulky, but most of the time I prefer the look of tt, Esp if baby is going out and about in only a diaper and T like he does in the summer.
    I too have had trouble with the roughness of some surged edges. which has been a hesitation for me as well investing money in any diaper finished with surging rather then tt.

  2. barefeet says:

    Thanks for the explanation! I like the look of the turned and top-stitched ones best, but after reading this, I’ll likely be trying the serged instead! Thanks!

  3. Hannah says:

    WHERE did you get that cute cloud fabric???


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