An explanation of our new shipping charge

Earlier this week we put in place a new shipping charge of $4.95 per order for shipping within the US (international shipping is not changing) & I know some of you are feeling a little peeved about it.  I’d like to offer an explanation of why we had to start charging for shipping, why we went with a per-order rate rather than a per-weight rate, and then hear your thoughts & opinions on the matter.  I always listen to you guys & always take your opinions to heart, so let me hear it (in a nice way, please).

When we opened in 2008, you could buy our snap-less fitted for $25 (plus $3 shipping).  Today, you can buy our snap-less fitted for $25 with free shipping.  Since 2008, our cost on raw goods has gone up almost 40% on some materials.  We have absorbed every price increase that has come down the line, offered free shipping, and a 10% off code on re-orders.  We couldn’t continue to do all this and stay profitable.

So we decided to do away with the free shipping.  I really didn’t want to because, as someone who does a lot of on-line shopping, I totally go where there’s free shipping.  But I’m not Amazon, I’m just a mom with a teeny tiny business that I’m trying to make work.   The next best thing to free is a flat rate, order as much as you want and it’s only $4.95 to ship it all.  We looked at over a year’s worth of sales orders, and most orders consist of 2+ diapers.  Two one-size diapers cost $5.20 to mail, so order at least two and you’re coming out ahead.   Shipping three newborn diapers costs $5.20, so order at least three and you’re making out.

Where it really matters is for the families buying Terry Squares bundles and Loops bundles.  The bundles can cost as much as $16 to ship, so $4.95 is a much better option.

If you’re only ordering a snappi, then the $4.95 shipping feels like a rip off.  I understand that.  But I hope you know we’re not in this to rip anyone off.   We made our decision based on what most customers order, so that it benefits most people.

So, tell me…would you prefer to keep the $4.95 per order shipping, or go to a weighted system where you’ll pay actual shipping costs?

Oh, PS:  you can use ‘freeship’ through Monday for free shipping, to help ease the transition into our new shipping charge 🙂

13 Comments on “An explanation of our new shipping charge”

  1. Dee says:

    I would suggest that you use a coupon code to apply free shipping to orders that consist of : a single snappi. Just pop it in a regular mail envelope. I woud NEVER pay $5 to ship an item like a snappi. That is rediculous.

    With everything else, I think you have made the right move.

  2. C says:

    The shipping costs don’t bother me. Of course people love free shipping, especially when paying $30 for a single diaper. But realistically, shipping IS expensive, and we just need to understand that. I can see how someone purchasing just a snappi, or something small would be upset. Perhaps you could go with a lesser flat rate on those items? Or you could switch to weighted shipping for all orders, but that would tack on extra time to your shipping process, correct? It might not hurt to come up with shipping tiers. 1-2 OS diapers – flat rate of $4.95. 3-4 diapers, flat rate of X, but priority shipping required (where you can fit in a flat rate box). Ultimately, the quality of your product will make people come around. Also, it might not hurt to offer the occasional free shipping on orders. Like a punch card of sorts? 6th order ships free?

    Just some ideas 🙂

  3. adrian says:

    I totally understand and agree with your decision to charge flat rate shipping. People don’t realize that at the end of the year, you as a business owner absorbed tens of thousands of dollars in shipping. I would rather pay $5 in shipping and keep being able to buy oranges 🙂

  4. JC says:

    I understand, and you have to do what you have to do. Now for my very own opinion, I would prefer to pay by weight. I am usually only able to buy one diaper at a time. If I do get to buy 2 then I don’t mind the 5.20 to ship them. I also think a cap of say 7.95 would be good, so that those buying bundles are not paying the full 16 dollars but are still paying at least half of the shipping.

  5. Emily says:

    I think that $4.95 per order is fine… I have paid a lot more at other places, and we love you so we won’t worry about the extra $5 🙂

  6. Nadine says:

    I live out of the country, so I have always paid shipping charges. I am also a business owner and when our cost changes, what we bill out changes. That is business. People understand. Realistically, how many people are ordering a snappi? I would imagine it is quite rare and if it is an issue then they can buy a snappi at other online retailers, or email you for an acceptable solution. From what I have seen, you have a near cult following! These mama’s will understand. You are a mom too, and sometimes these things need to be done. We will understand!

  7. Jessica says:

    I normally buy one at a time and think 3- 3.50 would be fair. Any order over 1 diaper could be a flat rate of 4.95.

  8. Sarah says:

    I completely understand needing to charge for shipping. Maybe you could still offer shipping with a minimum order. I know when I shop at other online retailers that offer free shipping with a minimum of let’s say $50 that I always try to meet that minimum. So it could be a win-win situation. Free shipping for the customer plus a boost in sales? Idk, just thinking out loud! I’ll understand whatever you decide to do and continue to shop with you because your customer service is unbeatable and your diapers are the CUTEST!

  9. Cindy Beard says:

    Sad….but I totally understand! The last few things that I’ve shipped somewhere have been ridiculously expensive! I’ve never known how businesses offer free shipping, but like you, I gravitate to them! So I say do what you need to do.

  10. Jocelyn says:

    It has crossed my mind in the past that with the free shipping and the coupon code, combined with the uncompromising quality of work and materials that go into your diapers that I couldn’t believe you were making any money at all. So I am glad that you are making the decision to keep your business afloat by taking away the free shipping “perk.” It is true that I gravitate towards free shipping websites if I had the choice, but where else would I get Oranges?! Nowhere! And for those ordering only a snappi from you… why would anyone do that? I shop your site for the handmade diapers and would only buy an item like a snappi from you if it was in addition to my diaper purchase. I don’t mind the flat rate for all orders, but since it is getting harder to buy diapers now due to the demand of your products, I would potentially buy one diaper and check out to make sure I get the diaper I want and then go back (within minutes) and buy another diaper and check out again. In a case like that where the diapers would clearly be shipped together, would you consider refunding one of the shipping fees? Or do what zulily does and offer free shipping until midnight for any *additional* orders after making the first order. Or offer a much smaller “add-on” shipping fee for additional orders, which would basically cover the “handling charges” (i.e. the time it takes you to sort through the orders and combine them for shipping).

    Any way you do it, just make sure you are able to keep the business profitable! You are working to provide for your family and I think most of us understand that. It is part of why I shop WAHM wares, because there is a real family behind the business.

  11. Keshia says:

    Shipping cost doesn’t bother me a bit. My orders are usually pretty significant…what’s an extra $5?

  12. Rahime says:

    I think that’s great! I can’t understand how small businesses can afford to stay afloat when they offer free shipping. And, I can’t imagine ordering just snappies from you…so to me, that’s a moot point. If I’m shopping ODC, it’s for the diapers. Which we LOVE, BTW. My LO just grew out of her XS’s an we’re hoping to snags some bigger ones soon.


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