Customs opening Sunday March 11!

Really,  is there anything better than a diaper made with a print you picked, the snap color you like best, and the inner you want?   Nope.

This weekend customs re-open at ODC!  Here’s your chance to browse our extensive gallery of fabrics & get your diapers made EXACTLY the way you want ’em!

How it works:

We’ll stock as usual on Sunday evening, 9pm eastern time.  No additional instock diapers will stock this weekend.  Instead, we’ll open our pre-order section where you’ll be able to select a print, as well as options such as serged or turned legs, snapped or snapless, plus the velour and snap colors you like.

We’ll also have SYOF (Send Your Own Fabric) custom slots open which allow you to send in any print of your choice.  We’ll work closely with you to pick the best matches for velour and snap colors, craft your diaper and then return any unused fabric.   For SYOF, we accept only the outer print, no inner fabrics.

Customs will stay open for 1 WEEK ONLY, or until we’ve sold 100 custom diapers.  In an effort to keep our instock section stocked and keep the custom turnaround time to a minimum, we have to limit the number of custom diapers we take on.  Our last custom period closed after 4 days, so you won’t need to hurry & rush to get your order in but don’t dawdle too long.  If you miss out this time, customs will re-open again in April.

The custom turnaround time is generally 4 weeks.   Some items may ship sooner, but the majority of custom orders take about 4 weeks to complete.  Customs made with fabrics you provide usually take longer, up to 4 weeks after your final color decisions have been made.

There’s NO ADDITIONAL FEE for customs!   Yup, custom made at in-stock prices.  Here’s a rundown of our current pricing:

  • Newborn with Cotton Velour – $20
  • Newborn with Organic Bamboo Velour – $22
  • Newborn Snapless with Cotton Velour – $17
  • Newborn Snapless with Organic Bamboo Velour – $19
  • One-Size with Cotton Velour – $30
  • One-Size with Organic Bamboo Velour – $32
  • One-Size Snapless with Cotton Velour – $25
  • One-Size Snapless with Organic Bamboo Velour – $27

All prices include US shipping.  International shipping is charged at actual cost, no additional handling fees.

If you have any questions about how to get your custom diaper leave a comment, post to our Facebook wall, or email me at jennifer AT

Thanks so much, see ya on Sunday! ♥ Jen


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