$100 Gift Certificate GIVEAWAY!

I spent the weekend laid out on the couch or shivering under the covers in bed.  I have been sick.as.a.dog.  So sick that I didn’t even log onto Facebook or check my email until late on Sunday evening.  WHAT?  It’s true.  So I was pretty excited to see that we finally passed the 5,000 fan mark while I was out.  So awesome.

Seriously, it’s so amazing to see all the hard work paying off.  As a family, we’ve worked late, late nights & early, early mornings; Brad & I have been like ships passing…one of us walks in the door & the other walks out to go work on diapers.  Diapers have been the subject of just about every conversation I have with family, friends, neighbors, mail carrier, the kid down the street (not really)… in other words, it has become our LIFE.

I am thrilled, humbled, honored, amazed, excited, and just really, really happy that things are going so well.  I LOVE this job & I LOVE you guys!  Thanks for everything you do…hanging out on Facebook, writing little notes on your orders, those emails you send… all of it makes me feel like one lucky lady.

And so, the $100 gift certificate giveaway!  This is the first time I’ve used rafflecopter, so I hope I set it up right.  Someone will let me know if I didn’t, right?  There are several ways to enter & each one earns you an entry, go HERE to enter.  You’ll have to be on Facebook to enter, sorry non-Facebookers!  Winner will be announced on Friday, March 9th so the winner will be able so use those 100 buckaroos on a custom order Sunday!  Good luck & thanks again for all your support!!

XO ~ Jen

Oh, one other thing:  I know I still need to announce the February photo contest winner, that’ll be coming up next!


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