Chips & Dip & Diapers

It’s Super Bowl Sunday!  To be honest, we’re not really much of a football family but I know that puts us in the minority.  And even my non-sportsy hubs feels compelled to watch the biggest TV event of the year.

It’s also a super stocking day at ODC & we’re going to double the fun by adding in a surprise giveaway!  So grab a plate of grub from the buffet & join us at 9pm eastern.  We’ve got a lot of fantastic fluff & you’ve got a chance to win a FREE one-size fitted!


Here are the deets:

Giveaway is open from midnight eastern time 2/5/12-midnight eastern time 2/6/12

Every order will be entered into a drawing to win a free one-size fitted diaper, print to be chosen by ODC staff.

Winning order number will be drawn by Random.Org and announced on Monday, February 6th.


Questions?  Comment here, post to our Facebook wall, or email jennifer AT

See ya tonight & enjoy the game, or the commercials, or the food, or just enjoy your day!  ♥ Jen



3 Comments on “Chips & Dip & Diapers”

  1. jessica nace says:

    yay! so excited. My first purchase ❤

  2. Regina P says:

    I had been eying some newborn fluff-perfect excuse to buy now!


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