Loops, Terry Squares, Wipes & Winter Prints!

Lots of goodies opening up for pre-orders this weekend, including Loops with COLOR!

Loops with COLOR!


Discounted Loops Bundles are also now available!  Wipes, Rainbow Wipes, & Terry Squares are all opening for pre-orders too.  So pretty much all the bamboo terry goodness you can stand and then some.


And if that’s not enough for you, we also have a limited stock of awesome winter prints to take you through the holidays & beyond.

Winter Sparkle


All happening tonight, Sunday, at 9pm eastern…www.orangediaperco.com.   Hope you’re enjoying your weekend, see ya tonight!     ~ Jen

4 Comments on “Loops, Terry Squares, Wipes & Winter Prints!”

  1. Michelle Lynn says:

    Such cute diapers! Thanks so much for participating in AACD’s Giveaway!

  2. juditupp says:

    Those are so super cute! Way nicer then the fitteds I make and no pins!


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