Post-Black Friday / Pre-Cyber Monday SALE!

You’ve stuffed yourself with turkey (or tofurky, perhaps) & pie, you’ve shopped the big Black Friday sales & now you’re ready for some easy, fluffy fun.  Yeah?   Come on & join us Sunday night for awesome deals & free stuff!   Woot woot!

The sale will happen completely on Facebook, a la Cute Stuff Sale.  It was so much fun, that I wanna do it again.  I asked Roo of Nice Girl Notes if I could be a complete & total copy cat & we have her blessings 🙂

How it works:

~If you’re not already, you’ll need to be a fan of Orange Diaper Co on Facebook.  This will happen on the ODC Facebook page & you’ll need to be a fan to leave a comment.

~Make sure your PayPal account is active & ready to go, you’ll need it to pay.

~Sale starts at 9pm eastern time on our Facebook page.  I’ll post a picture of the item & the price.  If you want it,  you call it first & it’s yours.  You post your PayPal address, I send an invoice, you pay, I mail.  Boom, done.

So here’s an example:  (use your imagination here & pretend this is a Facebook post)

SPLISH SPLASH one-size fitted diaper. Regular price $32. Sale price $24. *pre-order* 1 available

Olivia Orange Lover- Me!

Flora Fluff – I want it!

Orange Diaper Co- Olivia Orange Lover, it’s yours!  I need your PP address 🙂

Olivia Orange Lover-Yippee!!


Minor Details:

~Listed prices include US & Canada shipping.  Other international buyers will pay actual shipping.

~If you call it & you’re first, it’s yours.  Please don’t call it if you don’t really want it.

~Some things will be in-stock, some will be pre-order.  It will say on the listing which it is.  In-stock items will ship on Monday or as soon as you pay your invoice.  Pre-orders will take up to 4 weeks to complete.

~There may be more than one of an item, in that case the first 2 or 3 people to call it get one.

~There will be some free things!  You can only win 1 free item.  Sorry.


That’s it ya’ll!  It’s gonna be fun so tell your fluff friends & be on our Facebook page at 9pm Sunday night!  If you have any questions about how it works leave me a comment here, post on our Facebook, or shoot me an email.

See ya then!




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