Weekend Update

I know I promised ya’ll lots & lots of Loops this weekend, but I’m gonna have to break that promise.  I’m sorry!  I never meant to be a fluff tease!  During our last pre-order event, we oversold on the Loops by way more than expected.  Don’t worry we have enough to fill all the current orders, but there’s not much left over for instocks.

We’ve been sewing madly to finish up the Loops pre-orders, so there will be nothing new stocking this week.  On MY site. BUT you’ll have a chance to scoop up some extra fresh Oranges at extra fresh prices on Saturday TONIGHT (!) at the Nice Girl Notes Cute Stuff Sale.

The sale starts at 8pm eastern time on the NGN Facebook page.  You’ll need to be a fan to participate, so go on over there right now & click the Like button.  Cuz if you wait, you know you’ll forget.

So that’s what’s happening this weekend in Orange land…Nice Girl Notes sale tonight (Saturday) and no stocking on Sunday.  Black Friday stuff is still in the works.  Really what that means is that I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to think about what to do yet.   I’m sitting on a bunch of unfinished seconds, maybe I’ll try to finish those up & have a seconds sale.  Whatever it is, I’ll keep you in the know.

Have a fantastic weekend & thanks for being around!!

Nice Girl Notes:  www.nicegirlnotes.com


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