Oh Happy Day!

Several things are making me happy these days…fall weather that’s really not so cold, an apple cider candle someone gave me…it smells sooo-ooo good!…the lack of humidity in the air means I’m no longer relegated to the daily pull back, and Nice Girl Notes.  Are you a fan of Nice Girl Notes?  You should be ‘cuz we’ve been invited to be a part of her world famous Cute Stuff Sale on November 19th & let’s just say it’s gonna be crazy good!  Don’t miss it!

As if that’s not enough,  it’s stocking day & I’ve got some serious happiness-inducing prints this week!   Here’s your weekly mini-preview, be sure to check out the full line up at our website www.orangediaperco.com.


hi fidelity


Sweet Tweets

These, & lots more, stock tonight at 9pm eastern!  On deck for next week are Loops, & lots of ’em!

Thanks for being here!  ♥ Jen


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