Loops, Bamboo Terry Squares & Holiday Pre-Orders!

It’s a big weekend!  Lots of things that you’ve been waiting for are re-stocking & I know you’re stoked.  Or maybe, depending on where you live, you’re psyched.  Or maybe you’re wicked excited.  Whatever.  It’s awesome-ness.

Loops & Bamboo Terry Squares are back as pre-orders with a 3 week turnaround.  We’ll have some stocking as instocks in a few weeks too.  But if you hate stalking, go with a pre-order.  Less stress.

Bamboo Terry Squares




Adorable holiday prints will be available as pre-orders, shipping by November 18th so you’ll have time for your holiday photos.  One of each print will also be available as in-stock, ready for shipping on Monday.

Holiday Pre-Orders


Bamboo Terry Wipes and a bunch of in-stock, ready to ship, diapers are stocking too.  Don’t forget, Monday is the last day to enter your photos for the October photo contest!  And next week’s stocking will be an all newborn, tiny fluff-tacular extravaganza!

Hope to see you tonight at 9pm eastern!



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