Stocking Update

Some news on the current stocking situation:

-We won’t be stocking anything new this weekend. We’re getting set up with our new machines & the transition is taking longer than anticipated, which I guess should have been anticipated 😛

-We’re going on vacation next month (yipee!!) so I’ll be cutting off custom orders sometime next week, probably Wednesday-ish, and won’t put them back up until we return (October 18). This is sort of a flexible situation, so custom slots may come & go a little bit during this time, but they won’t always be up & available for purchase. My main concern will be getting everyone’s diapers done & shipped before we leave, so as time allows more custom slots will stock. Make sense?

-In stock items will continue to stock over the next month, on Sunday evenings & maybe other days too, but nothing this week.

-Loops & Terry Squares are probably out of stock until mid to late October. I have some in stock items to put up, but I think customs are done until we get more fabric in stock.

As always, THANK YOU for your continued support!  Everyday I’m blown away by how awesome you guys are & I just want you to know that we here at Orange are so extremely grateful to have you around.

♥ Jen


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