The Best Just Got Bester …er Better!

Lots & lots & lots of you have written to me about the one-size diaper.  You really love it but couldn’t I make it with a snap-in soaker that doesn’t need folding?  I get it, easier & quicker is better.  Yeah?  Definitely.

Sooo, over the last 6 weeks  I’ve been working on a new soaker.  And I’m so glad you pushed me to do  it because this new soaker is amazing!  I LOVE it.  Okay, I won’t blab on any longer, see for yourself:

  • Now in a no-wrinkle, no-curl, never gets wonky construction!  It just lays there, flat & fabulous (sort of how I wish my stomach would behave, but oh well).
  • Six super thirsty layers that, once fully prepped, will hold a ton.  Seriously.
  • Long enough that it can be folded for a smaller baby, but doesn’t necessarily require folding.  No folding needed for a toddler fit.
  • Not too short for toddlers.  Your big kid will never again be left without any soaker layers in the front of the diaper!  (super annoying when you have a boy)
  • Contoured for a fantastic-ly trim fit through the legs.

What about newborns?  If you’d like to use Orange Diaper Co one-size diapers on your newborn, I suggest waiting until the cord falls off & he or she has reached about 10lbs.   To get a super fit on a wee one, remove the soaker & use one or two cloth wipes folded to fit.  Works great.

Have the old style soaker & want to upgrade to the new style?  Email me (jennifer @  I’ll send a replacement soaker for just $5 (that’s cost!) and send it to you free (in the US & Canada).   If you’d like me to add snaps to the back of your diaper, we can work that out too.

Ready to try it?  Stocking this Sunday at 9pm eastern!


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