When I re-opened as a custom shop on January 4th, I sort of knew that people would like it.  I expected some orders that day.  Maybe I’d get 10, maybe even 30 if things went really well.

We opened our virtual doors at 9am, by 9pm 87 orders had been paid for.  Many of those orders were for 2, 3, 4 or more diapers.   I have to say that I was totally, completely, absolutely unprepared. 

Brad had already decided to help out a little bit as needed, but I begged, pleaded and used all my girlish charm (hey, I was desperate!) to convince him to take some time off from his business & stay home a few days a week as my cutter.

Brad, in what used to be our dining room, cutting bamboo velour

With Brad cutting, I was able to spend all my time sewing & we starting moving diapers out the door.  It was exhilirating.  Working together as a family, a dream come true.

As the weeks have gone by, the orders have continued to pour in.  Our Facebook fanpage has grown from around 300 fans to more than 1500 in just 2 months.  I’m sewing all day, up at 6:30 and not going to bed until after midnight and I can’t keep up with all the orders.  As much as I love sewing diapers, it’s not exactly how I want to spend my every waking moment.

It’s time to pause. And re-assess.  It’s time to admit that I can’t do it alone.  Even with Brad’s help, I can’t do it.  I need to hire another stitcher, probably move this thing out of our house.

We’ve decided to close up for a minute.  Get the current orders finished & move forward.  Hire someone.  Move into a bigger space.  Try to make things run a little faster, a little smoother.  Maybe I’ll even be able to take a weekend off!

I’m a little bit scared…okay a lot scared…but also excited and sort of proud.  I’m grown up enough to know that no dream comes true unless you wake up & go to work.  So here I go.


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