A Workhorse Stash

I almost feel bad calling these “workhorse” diapers.  It implies something utilitarian and …I don’t know, boring.  These diapers are definitely hard working, but boring they are not.  They are as soft as cashmere, squishy as a marshmallow, and just utterly divine.  Really, you have to see them to believe how drool-worthy they are.

But back to how hard working they are.  These are the diapers you’ll reach for every time.  You’ll wash more often just so you always have them stacked on your shelf.  They are so absorbent, we pair one with a doubler and easily make it through the night.

They wash easily, stains sun out in minutes, and they last.  Super stretchy, most children will be able to wear smalls through the first year and mediums until they’re out of diapers.  And you’ll definitely want to treat your newborn to a few of the XS, what a lovely way to say hello to the world…in pure organic fluff!

They make fabulous trainers, too.  Just pop out the soaker and you have easy up and down undies that unsnap at the sides in case of accidents.

Treat your stash and your sweet baby to an Orange fitted!  Stocking tonight at 9pm Eastern, and for a very limited time enjoy our Super Stash Builder Sale!  One free diaper with every three purchased!


2 Comments on “A Workhorse Stash”

  1. Heather says:

    What kind of doubler do you recommend using with these for overnight? Also, I assume you use a cover with them? I’m new to your diapers & trying to figure out what is best for using with my 3 month old preemie (she’s about 7 or so lbs) overnight…

    • Yes a cover is needed. These are fitted diapers so they’re not waterproof. Fitteds are super for night time use since they’re made entirely of absorbent fabrics. As opposed to AIOs or pockets, which generally have one or two non-absorbent layers.

      I recommend our doubler set as a great addition to these for night time use. They come two to a pack, they’re super long & can be folded into halves or thirds as needed, depending on babies size. One or both can be used depending on your absorbency needs.

      Now, I have to say that any quality doubler will work. Bamboo, hemp, cotton, even microfiber (just make sure you tuck these under the attached diaper soaker). Really, any of them. If you already have some, use those. For a teeny baby like yours, nice fluffy washcloths work too.

      If you have other questions, feel free to email me 🙂 jennifer AT orangediaperco.com.


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