Craft Time: Milk Jug Garage

I love this craft…it’s easy, the materials needed are pretty easy to find around the house, and it goes from start to play in about half an hour.

Milk Jug Garage


Plastic Gallon Milk Jug

Construction Paper




Pipe Cleaners or Yarn

Thread Spool

Craft Glue

Begin by cutting an opening in one of the flat sides of the jug using a knife or scissors (obviously, this is a job for an adult).  Cut colored construction paper into squares, or whatever shape suits your fancy, to make the shingles for the roof.  Glue ’em on around the top of the jug.

I cut out a gas pump, air pump, and tire sale signs while Cole looked through magazines for car company logos.  Glue those on wherever your little designer sees fit.

For the shops sign, I used the printer.  But a hand written sign would work just as well.  Hang it on a toothpick using thread, or even dental floss.  Poke a small hole over the door and slide the toothpick in.  Don’t make the hole too big or the toothpick won’t stay put.

Poke holes for the gas pump & air pump hoses and insert your pipe cleaner or yarn.  I wrapped a little electrical tape around the end for a nozzle.

Use a thread spool for the car lift inside the garage and go play!

*A dollhouse would be super cute too.  Make the spout at the top a chimney!

Share your milk jug masterpieces!  Post a link to your blog so we can all oohh & aww over your crafty creations.


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