Sweet Anticipation

Oh, sweet, sweet anticipation.

For days I’ve been waiting for my new industrial serger.  New!  Industrial!  Whee, can’t wait!  Yesterday the shipping company’s tractor trailer pulled up in front of my house and I was positively giddy.  When the driver opened that back door,  I peered into the dark trailer, and there…all the way in the back, there it was!  It was magnificent.  It was heavy.  262 pounds heavy.  We live on three acres, back off the road and down a twisting rocky driveway.  No way was that tractor trailor pulling up to the house.  And there was definitely no way we were carrying it from the road to the house.

In a rare flash of brilliance, I remembered the pick up my father in law left here when he flew to Florida.  Perfecto!  So the super nice driver helped Brad load the machine into the back of the pick up as I stood by chewing my fingernails, and ta da…here it is:

Together we unwrapped it, unscrewed it from the pallet, and carried it inside.  Teamwork.  Whoo hoo!  Go us. (that thing was really heavy, and I almost broke my toe carrying it in).

Now, see that smaller box on the right?  That’s the “head”, the actual sewing machine.  The rest is basically just a table and a motor.  So, at this point, I still haven’t seen my new machine.  And I couldn’t stand it any longer.  “Let’s open the box!”  I said.  I would’ve yelled, except Luke was napping & I was hoping to get the machine put together & turned on before he woke up.  Ha, ha, only now do I realize how absolutely laughable that is.

Here we go, Brad’s pulling it out of the box…and, it’s amazing…OMG I love it…Wait.  Huh?  I think…is that…is it the wrong machine?  Yes.  Indeed it is the wrong machine.  Lots of expletives followed.  Then tears.  Oh, bitter, bitter disappointment.

Well, a phone call to the seller was made and a new head is being shipped.  Hopefully it’ll be here in just a few days, and hopefully it’ll be the right one (fingers crossed).  For now, I’ve set this one up so I can practice using an industrial sewing machine.  Um, hello super fast machine.  Nice to meet you.

Still trying to get it threaded.  Yikes…what have I gotten myself into?

One Comment on “Sweet Anticipation”

  1. Meredith says:

    Oh my! A bit of a comedy of errors.

    Keep the blog updates coming- these are fun!


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